Securing your home and your loved ones will always be one of your top priorities.

Today, there are numerous ways in which your security can be improved, ensuring you don’t become a victim of a break-in and safeguarding your family and possessions. Below are just some of the ways in which Cube Construct can transform your home security.

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Boundary protection

Securing your boundaries is essential in today’s world. Cube has an extensive range of fencing to choose from, including plastic, wood, and metal. We have a budget range and also a professional range which will provide maximum security to your home and family.

Our gates are made to your exact specification and also include full automation with remote control access.


Home CCTV security

Home security has become increasingly important in today’s world, and never been more affordable. As security products have evolved over the years, prices have reduced significantly.

For example, an average installation providing coverage from eight high definition cameras costs in the region of £2,000. This system would give you a 24-hour recording facility with remote camera viewing from a smart phone: iphone or Android.

Home alarm security

We believe every home should be protected by a home alarm system. This does not need to be complex or over complicated, just a simple system protecting your front and rear entrance.

The most basic system would simply give an external and internal audible and visual warning when triggered, giving you full peace-of-mind at night and in the day when you leave the property. Our systems can be tailored to your requirement, providing a basic entry level system through to a professional monitored alarm with auto dialling on alarm trigger.

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Security lighting

External lighting will not only provide an extra level of security to your home, but also improve the aesthetics of your property by night. At cube we work with GJD systems who manufacture a fantastic range of programmable controllers.

We can install a four-zone GJD system which will cover every side of your property, allowing you to have timed on/off lighting, or sensor-activated lighting. These systems can integrate with our alarms and CCTV systems.